— ‘Are we getting warmer?' – a simple question that could have been a passing reference to the weather outside or equally imply the generosity of human spirit. But the query posed at the beginning of the recent NIE session at AKKV Matriculation Higher Secondary School turned out to be a profound observation on our current environmental status.

The module ‘action for healthy environment', called students to take up a proactive role in environmental protection, particularly in addressing global warming. The module was tailored to acquaint children with contemporary environmental problems, said resource person Chandra. ‘Go green' is a universal catchphrase, but putting it into action requires active participation.

Group presentations on various topics like ‘save the ozone layer', ‘alternatives to plastic', and ‘state of penguins in Antarctica' revealed students' comprehension and engagement with environmental subjects. Through role play, students not only simulated the environment they lived in , but sought solutions to pressing problems like increasing fuel consumption, economising energy use, and preserving precious green cover.

A quiz designed to test the environmental quotient of students had them mulling over energy conservation and carbon monoxide content in the air.