A host of explosive detection equipment with improved features has been provided to the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) of the city police to reinforce its capability while carrying out anti-sabotage missions.

The new gadgets have been supplied to the BDDS under the Modernisation of Police Force scheme on a request from the city police authorities. Four Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMD) with wooden frames and equipped with indicators, an improved version of Deep Search Metal Detector, an Explosive Detection Kit to determine the type of explosive, 20 latest Hand Held Metal Detectors and three Night Vision Binoculars constitute an array of equipment in the latest stock of the BDDS.

Police said the new DFMDs were equipped with electronic box atop and red and green light indicators behind the equipment. The green light would glow as a person comes close to the DFMD and the red light upon passing through. The DFMD were used to detect metallic substances concealed in a human body while passing through it.

The equipment contains a rechargeable battery that would enable it to function even without power supply for two hours. This is the first time that DFMDs with wooden frames have been provided to the BDDS, say the sources.

The latest model of Deep Search Metal Detector fitted with an electronic box can detect a bomb buried under the earth up to a depth of four feet, an officer said.

The explosive detection kit containing liquid chemicals would be used to determine the type of explosive substance by pouring a few drops on the suspected object. The new Hand Held Metal Detectors equipped with batteries could be used continuously for eight hours.

The BDDS is equipped with multi-zone metal detectors, DFMDs, Deep Search Metal Detectors and Hand Held Metal Detectors supplied a few years ago. The new equipment with improved features has been provided to strengthen the capability of the BDDS, said an officer. Though attached with the City Police, the services of BDDS personnel were requisitioned for carrying out bomb disposal missions in various districts falling under the central zone.

The sources say the BDDS had attended 13 bomb threat calls and carried out nine bomb disposal missions in various places in 2011.

The number of bomb threat calls attended to and bomb disposal missions executed were 16 and 40 respectively in 2012. Till date this year, the BDDS had attended eight threat calls and carried out two disposal missions.

Proposals had been forwarded to the government to equip the BDDS with a bomb kit, bomb box, explosive vapour detector, non-linear junction detector, portable scanner, and a CROT (car remote opening tool) set. The CROT set would be used for opening the doors of an abandoned car.