SIDCO with 150 units forms important part of fabrication cluster

Visitors to the Thuvakudi Industrial Estate in the outskirts of the city are in for a back-breaking ride owing to the battered condition of the roads inside the estate.

The recent spell of rain has only worsened the situation as the potholes on the roads have turned into slush pools. Most of the interior roads have not been re-laid for years and potholes have developed at several places. Trailer lorries carrying raw material and huge fabricated steel structures to and from the estate negotiate the roads with much difficulty and have to move at a snail’s pace.

The industrial estate, promoted by the Small Industries Development Corporation (SIDCO), with about 150 industrial units forms an important part of the fabrication cluster in Tiruchi.

Roads in the industrial estate have been crying for maintenance for more than two decades. Apparently faced with financial constraints, the SIDCO has not been able to take up regular maintenance. Attempts made by the BHEL Small Industries Association (BHELSIA) a few years back to get assistance from the Union government for improving the roads and other civic amenities inside the estate has proved unsuccessful .

A few years back the industrial estate was handed over to the Thuvakudi municipality, but the civic body has not been able to improve the conditions. “The condition of the roads has remained bad for many years. We are paying property and professional tax to the municipality and hope the civic body would improve things,” said M. Srinivasan, president, BHELSIA.

When contacted, E. Kayambu, chairman, Thuvakudi Municipality, said the civic body was hampered by funds constraint and had to accord priority for improving roads which are more widely used by the general public. The municipality has re-laid a road leading from BHEL Nagar. “We do not get much funds and are doing our best to improve the situation with available funds,” he said.