Workshop at Cake Bee buzzed with enthusiastic participants

Scrumptious aroma wafted through the air at the bakery, just as a captivated audience watched the chef work his magic, in the live cake decoration workshop organised at Cake Bee in the city on Saturday. The event was jointly organised with the Culinary Application Team from Rich’s, a food product company.

As participants eagerly observed, Chef P.Srinivas gave finishing touches to a delectable strawberry cake, and shared the tips and tricks of cake decoration with them.

“There are no limitations to creativity,” he said while expertly scraping off extra cream from the cake. His statement sums up the workshop that attracted people of all age groups to the bakery. “I am interested in baking and make cakes regularly. I live nearby and so decided to attend the workshop,” said Easwari Vel, correspondent of a playschool in the city who is a regular visitor to Cake Bee.

Participants learnt about the intricacies involved in cake decoration, right from selecting the appropriate cream to preparing striking toppings to decorate the cake.

They learnt the procedure of layering the cake and the importance of ensuring the absence of lumps while packing the cake.

“I make a lot of cakes at home and wanted to learn about cream toppings and decorations used in cakes. I find this workshop useful,” said Vani.V, a homemaker.

The chef clarified the doubts raised by the participants while sharing tips about the quantity of cream to be used, how to make homemade cream, amount of sugar syrup to be sprinkled, kind of chocolate to use, and method of preparing garnishing.

All participants were given a sample piece of cake to taste and they relished it while keeping their attention focussed on the table where live cake decoration was in progress.

“Many people have a passion for baking and decorating cakes, but they don’t have a chance to learn from experts. So, we thought of providing an opportunity for them to interact and learn from an experienced chef,” said Rajesh.P, proprietor of Cake Bee.