Handing over educational assistance to 25 students and felicitation of four judges formed part of the mupperum vizha organised by the Tiruchi District Baithulmal and Khajanagar Baithulmal in the city on Friday evening.

The student beneficiaries, including 10 girls, received an assistance of Rs.3 lakh to pursue engineering, arts, and polytechnic courses, according to S.Khalil Rahman, president, Khajanagar Baithulmal and S.S.Ziaudeen, president, Beemanagar Baithulmal.

Supreme Court Judges, Justices F.M. Ibrahim Khalifullah and M.Y.Eqbal, and Judge of the Madras High Court, G.M.Akbar Ali, and former Judge of the Madras High Court, K.N.Basha, were felicitated.

The judges spoke on the importance of helping the needy.

A.K.Khaja Nazeemuddin, secretary and correspondent, Jamal Mohamed College, A.M.Mustafa Kamal, treasurer, Aikiya Nala Koottamaippu, A.K.Hussain, industrialist, and H.Sirajudeen, vice president, Tiruchi District Baithulmal, were present.