Should women keep demanding for equality? “Assert your equality.” Equality would be achieved the day women stopped asking the question and broke free from the shackles of self-imposed limitations, popular television anchor Anu Hasan said addressing the International Women's Day at the BHEL Community Centre on Tuesday. Rather than setting own limitations and boundaries, women must bridge the gender difference by making foray into all areas. “It is not enough for women to be confident; confident women should inculcate the trait in other women also.” To achieve liberation, women should come out of their own insecure feelings and fear, and desist from suppressing other women, Ms. Hasan said.

Presiding over the function organised by the Ladies Club of the Community Centre, Executive Director of BHEL, Tiruchi, A.V. Krishnan, observed that women were capable of reaching heights once they develop the ability to balance contradicting feelings like love and anger. Be it structured or unstructured, the education they receive from their childhood stands women in good stead, he said.

The chief guest honoured prize-winners of various competitions coordinated by the Club president Suvarchala Ramakrishna and secretary Thilakavathi Manivannan.

Rajam Krishnan, Patron of the Club; G. Ramakrishna, President of the Community Centre; and Chandra Hasan, industrialist and father of Hasan took part.