A drawing master in Tiruchi district has been attracting the people by painting pictures that move, using the latest technology. K. Arunabalan, the drawing master working at the Government Higher Secondary School at Arasangudi in Tiruchi district for more than a decade, has taken special efforts in the last one year in his innovative way of painting pictures that move.

Mr. Arunabalan says that the pictures drawn by him were well received and appreciated by the officials of the Education department and by several voluntary organisations. He has painted pictures of Lord Vinayaka with a moving trunk, birds spreading their wings, movement of fish in the water, Lord Rama shooting the arrow from his bow and so forth.

The drawing master said he had been painting action pictures based on the latest technology of animation and pointed out that the success was due to his focus.

Mr. Arunabalan said that he has been teaching his students to draw the pictures in motion with creative ideas and pointed out that this would also create self-employment for the youth if they learnt the art properly. He said the Director of School Education who visited Tiruchi recently was amazed on seeing his work.