The Anna Science Centre-Planetarium in the city celebrated the 41st anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing by US astronauts by holding a special interaction session for school students.

About 100 students from four schools interacted with the scientists on the occasion and acquainted knowledge on the developments that had taken place in the field of Space research since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon on July 20, 1969.

T.M.Alagiri Swamy Raju, project director in-charge and J. R. Pazhaniswami, senior scientific assistant of the Anna Science Centre, explained the students the concept of earth-moon rotation and also the occurrence of solar and lunar eclipses and demonstrated it by using plastic balls.

The scientists took the students for a special visit to the planetarium and explained them about the entire solar system with latest equipments. They also explained the students about the landing on the moon by US astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who had spent 21 hours on the moon and brought back 46 pounds of moon rocks.

Mr. Alagiri Swamy Raju told The Hindu that the Anna Science Centre had been encouraging the students to come to the centre to know about the planets and developments in space technology. The students interacted with the scientists and came to know latest information on the study of moon and solar systems.