Round the clock annadanam will be introduced soon at Ongara Ashramam at Srinivasanallur near Kumbakonam for the devotees who visit the ashramam said Swami Ongara Nanda, Head of the Ongara Peedam, Ongara Ashramam here on Friday.

He told presspersons that construction of the annadanam building is going on and soon food will be supplied at any time either in the day or night for devotees who visit the ashramam.

A world prarthana meet will be held at the ashramam for world peace on November 22, Sunday. It will be held at Siddar swamigal sannidhi in front of the Umamaheswarar temple at Srinivasanallur. Ongara Nanda will perside over the prarthana.

A people’s congregation will be arranged at Kumbakonam on the same evening. The 23rd Gurumahasannidhanam of Thiruvavaudthurai Adheenam Sivaprakas Desika Parmacharya Swamigal, 27th Gurumahasannidhanam of Sri Sivakkira Yogigal adheenam Sri Shankaralinga desika paramacharya swamigal, Srimad Mouna Kumarasamy Thambiran swamigal of Dharumapuram adheenam and Thirupanandal Kasi Mutt Srimad Sundaramurthy Thambiran swamigal will participate in the congregation and address the people.

The Ashram also plans to construct a “Sandror Kappagam” to house intellectuals who are in distress, erect a sixty ft Anjaneya statue and construct an adhishtanam for Siddar Swamigal who established the ashramam in 1960. The aim of the ashramam is to create positive vibrations in the world by correcting people to shun negative vibrations by adhering to purity in thought, action, words and in breathing. “The life time of each man is 120 years. If he leads a pure life he can live a full life. Our aim is to see that people live a wholesome life,” Ongara Nanda said.

The ashramam has conducted 108 gaja pujas at Coimbatore, one crore Siva panchatchara jeba Velvi, first Kumbamela in south at Puducherry, etc in the past for world peace.