Anna University – Tiruchi has announced its first Summer School Programme focussing on current developments in Biological Sciences, Nanotechnology and Pharmaceutical Technology for teachers handling these subjects and related disciplines in Indian universities, institutes and colleges, from April 5 to 18.

The course content encompass drug discovery, structure aided drug design, concepts in combinatorial chemistry, theoretical chemistry, organic synthesis, green chemistry, modern analytical techniques and spectral interpretation, validation of analytical methods, quality assurance concepts, bio-pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, advances in drug delivery systems, herbal drug technology, molecular pharmacology, advances in biotechnology, ICH guidelines for stability studies, patent laws, and statistical tools used in pharmaceutical and biological sciences. In biotechnological aspects, gene therapy, cellular therapy, stem cell therapy, antisense technology, biofules, biosensors, nanobiotechnology, and transgenics (plants, animals) will be covered. In addition to theoretical sessions, industrial and social visits also form part of the course.

Experts drawn from academic and research institutes and industries will constitute the resource personnel. Each participant has to come prepared to present a seminar in an area of interest or specialisation during the course.

Since 1999, the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology has been B.Tech in Pharmaceutical Technology, M.Tech in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Analysis, and Ph.D. Of the 16 faculty members with various specialisations, some of them have been trained at leading universities abroad. The department faculty members have filed five patents and have authored more than 350 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Their research projects are sponsored by agencies like Department of Science and Technology, University Grants Commission, and the Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology. The faculty members have organised many national and international conferences, seminars and symposia, and the department is equipped with many modern types of equipment.

Intending participants are expected to send in their applications by March 29. Selection will be intimated immediately on receipt of application and confirmation will be received from participants on March 30. The completed application form, which can be downloaded from the university website:, must be labelled ‘Application for 1st Summer School' and sent to K. Ruckmani, Professor and Head/ Chief Coordinator, Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Anna University – Tiruchi, 620024, Tamil Nadu.

For additional information, contact the Co-Coordinators S. Lakshmana Prabu (9750550965) or P. Senthamil Selvan (9944444266). Information can also be obtained at the dial of 0431 – 2407978 or through email: