Ponnagar does not have a proper drainage system

Ponnagar, one of the oldest layouts developed for the State government employees by a cooperative housing society in the city, lacks civic amenities. With several low-lying areas and slum-dwellers in its vicinity, Ponnagar has been grappling with poor drainage system.

Although the Tiruchirapalli City Corporation has constructed drainage channels in almost all the cross roads, sewage stagnates at a number of places. Some of the worst-hit localities are the third main road, second main road, the second cross, and the third cross streets.

Poor flow of drainage gets aggravated because of various factors, says Sridhar, one of the residents of the Third Main Road leading to New Selva Nagar which bore the brunt of floods in November 2005.

The corporation had since constructed drainage channels in the area. “But the drainage channels have silted up in the past few years,” he added. Further, the corporation has placed garbage bins at various places in the area. “But, plastic wastes are found strewn all over and most of them get deposited in the drainage channels, blocking the flow,” he adds, pointing to the garbage in front of his residence.

Mosquito breeding

The stagnant water has been the breeding ground for mosquitoes, points out P. Prabakar, a resident on the Second Cross street.

A civil engineer by profession, Mr. Prabakar points out that the flow of drainage water is blocked because of the deposit of plastic wastes and other debris. The channel should be cleared of the silt and proper flow should be ensured.


Ponnagar has turned to be the much sought-after for builders promoting apartments. Indiscriminate dumping of sand and other construction material has been adding to the vows of the problem. A cross-section of residents feels that the corporation should re-design the drainage channels for all the main roads and cross streets for Ponnagar.