A commando barracks and a badminton court coming up on AR campus

The 42-acre District Armed Reserve (AR) campus at Subramaniapuram here is all set for a makeover for the benefit of officers and men attached to the unit.

The sprawling campus that now has a swanky frontage will soon have a two-storey administrative building to house all AR offices under one roof, a commando barracks, and a badminton court.

The spacious ground utilised for passing-out parades, recruiting candidates, and for training exercises will henceforth be the venue for the Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations.

The construction of administrative building and the commando barracks is expected to be completed by month-end. The Tamil Nadu Police Housing Corporation is carrying out the projects at a cost of over Rs. 4 crore.

The administrative building will house among others the offices of Additional Superintendent of Police and the Deputy Superintendent of Police. It will also house a conference hall, restroom for women police personnel, a gymnasium, and a bell of arms where various types of weapons will be deposited.

The existing old structure housing the AR offices will become a community hall, say police sources.

The two-storey commando barracks will accommodate 100 police personnel when they come for a 40-day commando training.

The badminton court is being constructed under the Self Sufficiency Scheme with the government’s share being Rs. 20 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh obtained as sponsor from the Area Commander of Home Guards, Tiruchi district, AL. Sirajudeen.

A gallery to accommodate nearly 1,000 visitors has been established on the AR ground where a flag post has come up. The ground has been provided with lighting facility, which is fully sponsored, Mr. Sirajudeen said. The unit with a manpower strength of more than 350 personnel is being used for escorting VIPs and prisoners, besides being engaged for bandobust duties during temple festivals and elections.

With the State government sanctioning three more platoons to the Tiruchi district AR, the total platoon strength will increase to seven, sources said.