The Collector, M. Vijayakumar has urged the stone crusher units to comply with the air pollution control measures.

Speaking at a meeting of the personnel of the stone crusher units in the district to discuss the measures to streamline the functioning of these units here on Tuesday, Mr. Vijayakumar said that all the stone crusher units should provide enclosures to the primary, secondary crushers.

The entire conveyor belts should also be covered with GI sheet.

Telescopic chute is to be provided at the product unloading conveyor so as to adjust the length according to the size of the heap.

Water sprinkler arrangement at appropriate location including transfer points should be provided.

All the stone crusher units should provide compound wall / wind net arrestor of 20 feet height all around the unit premises. Green belt of ever green foliage type like neem, tamarind, gulmohar should be developed within / outside the boundary of the unit.

The Collector said that the stone crusher units should comply with the above conditions with immediate effect.

The officials will conduct surprise check to find out whether the units had abide by the government regulations.

Stringent action will be taken against the units which failed to comply with these measures, he added.

M. Devadas, PA (general) to the Collector, R. Vijayabaskaran, District Environmental Engineer, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board were present.