All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) put up a spectacular show by winning all the seven municipalities in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts . Besides winning the chairperson posts of all these municipalities, it has also won majority of the ward councillor posts in the civic bodies.

AIADMK candidates won the chairperson elections for Thanjavur, Kumbakonam and Pattukottai municipalities in Thanjavur district and Koothanallur, Thiruthuraipoondi, Tiruvarur and Mannargudi municipalities in Tiruvarur district.

AIADMK has wrested power from DMK in all these municipalities.

For the first time in Thanjavur municipality, AIADMK has gained power demolishing the myth that Thanjavur is DMK bastion.

It was AIADMK's day all the way as the results started trickling in from various centres.

Votes for the Thanjavur municipality were counted at the Rajah Serfoji Government College. Cadres of the AIADMK celebrated their victory by bursting firecrackers, taking out processions, and beating drums.

Savithiri Gopal of AIADMK won post of the chairperson of Thanjavur municipality by defeating her nearest DMK rival Kanagavalli Balaji by a margin of 11,664 votes.

Savithiri Gopal polled 48,600 votes while Kanagavalli Balaji polled 36,936 votes. Sahaya Mary Adaikalam of DMDK came third by securing 6927 votes while Laura Mahendran of Congress got 4289 votes.

Sumathi Veeramani of MDMK got 1546 votes, and Vanitha of PMK got 770 votes.

P.Sudha of AIADMK, got elected as chairperson of Mannargudi Municipality. She polled 15,765 votes and defeated her nearest DMK rival Maheswari by a margin of 1,136 votes. Maheswari polled 14,629 votes.


Jawahar Babu of AIADMK pocketed the post of chairperson of Pattukottai municipality.

He won by a margin of 5,229 votes buy defeating his nearest DMK rival Srini Annadurai. Jawahar Babu polled 19,390 votes while Srini Annadurai polled 14,161 votes.


Rathna Sekar of AIADMK pipe his nearest DMK rival N.Bhuvaneswari by a margin of 10,496 votes to secure the chair of Kumbakonam municipality.

Ms.Sekar secured 31,748 votes while Bhuvaneswari polled 21,252 votes. Gomathi of DMDK got 3648 votes while Vasantha of Congress got 3770 votes, Sudha of PMK got 1805 votes, and Alphonse Mary of VCK got 803 votes.


Tiruvarur municipality

V.Ravichandran of AIADMK was elected chairman of Tiruvarur municipality. He defeated his nearest DMK rival R.Shankar by a margin of 1098 votes. Ravichandran polled 11,858 votes while Shankar polled 10,760 votes. Akbar Ali of PMK polled 586 votes. Ethiraj of DMDK polled 1846 votes. Karuthiruman of Congress polled 954 votes. Bhaskaran of DMDK polled 918 votes and Pingalan of BJP polled 191 votes.


Uma Maheswari of AIADMK won the chair of the municipality by defeating her DMK rival by a margin of 877 votes. She polled 6165 votes while DMK candidate Mythili polled 5288 votes. Revathi of CPI (M) won 737 votes.


K.Jayaraj of AIADMK got elected as muncipal chairman. He polled 4194 votes and defeated his DMK rival P.Packiriselvam by a margin of 893 votes. Murugesan of CPI polled 1654 votes while Prabhu Doss, an independent, polled 2387 votes.