Observers talk on allotment of symbols and use of vehicles

The observers for the by-election to the Tiruchi West Assembly constituency R.K.Pathak (general), and Nivedita Biswas (expenditure), have told candidates contesting the by-poll to strictly adhere to the model code of conduct.

In a briefing to the candidates and their agents here on Wednesday, they told them that symbols to the contesting candidates would be allotted at 3 p.m. on Thursday in the presence of the candidates or their agents.

Candidates could use any number of vehicles for campaigning but should obtain permits for all of them.

The expenditure incurred for the use of the vehicles would be included in the election expenditure of the respective candidate.

A candidate could spend a maximum of Rs.16 lakh and all election-related payments should be made only through cheques through separate accounts in the name of the candidates in nationalised banks. All expenditure should be accounted through this account.

On the polling day, candidates could use three vehicles and additional vehicles used by them would be included in the expenditure account.

All meetings and rallies should be conducted only with police permission and the date and time of such events should be intimated well in advance.

Agents of candidates should be present at the polling stations at 6.30 a.m. on the polling day when mock polling would be conducted. Candidates should set up booths only 200 metres away from polling stations. Agents of candidates would not be allowed to use cell phones during the polling.

Candidates or their agents should submit their expenditure accounts to the expenditure observer on October 1, 8 and 10.

All election related expenditure incurred by the candidates should be entered in separate registers. Complaints on the election could be lodged over the telephone at 2400547.

Jayashree Muralidharan, Collector, P.Manickam, District Revenue Officer, some of the contesting candidates and the agents of others participated in the meeting.