1,590 machines have been received additionally

The operational readiness of electronic voting machines (EVMs) is being checked by a team of engineers from Bharat Electronics Limited from Bangalore in the city.

M. Veera Shanmugamoni, poll roll observer, and Jayashree Muralidharan, Collector, inspected the exercise under way at the Collector’s office here on Saturday. The exercise taken up ahead of the Lok Sabha elections entails the verification of EVMs received recently.

Already about 5,331 EVMs are available in the district and have been checked. About 1,590 machines have been received additionally and these machines are being checked now. The exercise, conducted before representatives of political parties, was being video recorded, Ms. Muralidharan said.

Electoral rolls

The Collector has announced that voters who are yet to enrol their names in the electoral rolls can do so now. Inclusion, deletion, and correction in the electoral rolls could be submitted at the offices of the corporation or the respective Revenue Divisional Offices or taluk offices. Applications could also be filed on www.eci.nic.in

The district had 20.33 lakh voters as on January 10. Although the district had a population of 90,703 in the age group of 18-19, only 46,038 of them had enrolled in the voters’ list, accounting for just 50.75 per cent. Similarly, only 79.34 per cent of the district population in the age group of 20 to 29 had enrolled their names. All eligible voters should utilise the opportunity to get their names included in the list, she said.