Recurring instances of fatal accidents in the Tiruchi Range have prompted law enforcing authorities to identify accident-prone stretches in the five districts falling under the range; analyse the causes and suggest measures besides initiating remedial steps to check accident rates.

The law enforcers have decided to go about in a methodical way in their fresh endeavour to bring down accident rates.

Accordingly, police officers have been asked to handpick five accident-prone stretches in each sub division in the range that comprises Tiruchi, Perambalur, Karur, Pudukottai and Ariyalur districts.

The Tiruchi Range alone accounts for a total number of 17 sub divisions, each of which is a headed by a Deputy Superintendent of Police, and over 100 police stations. Upon identifying the chosen stretches in each sub division, police officers would analyse the causes for accidents and suggest remedial measures besides taking suitable steps to rectify them.

According to police statistics, the total number of fatal accidents in Tiruchi Range was 799 in the current year up to July, while the figure in respect of non-fatal accidents was 2,369.

Tiruchi district topped in fatal and non-fatal accidents with the figures being 287 and 847 respectively in the last seven months, followed by Karur where 184 fatal and 508 non fatal accidents were reported during the same period.

The number of fatal and non-fatal accidents in Pudukottai district was 182 and 595 respectively.

Perambalur and Ariyalur districts witnessed 85 and 61 fatal accidents respectively.

The idea behind this latest effort is to go about in a systematic manner by taking up five chosen stretches in each sub division, instead of taking up the entire district, and analyse in detail the causes behind road accidents and initiate preventive steps, said the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Tiruchi Range, A. Amalraj.

The other stretches in each district would be taken up subsequently.

In a bid to address the problem in a more scientific manner, plans are afoot to embark on a digital mapping exercise, which would aid in plotting accident-prone locations, Mr.Amalraj said.