Police officials across the State will have access to the details of cases registered by stations, at a click of the mouse, once the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) is completed by the turn of December.

The work is being executed in a phased manner. Initially, details of the 22,000-odd cases registered in the past decade from 2002 to 2011 are being recorded by 42 stations across the district.

Each station has been assigned a code and the cases have been categorised under different titles such as ‘theft’, ‘burglary’, ‘robbery’, ‘murder’, ‘dacoity’, ‘rape’, ‘murder for gain’ and ‘property dispute’. It also indicates the sentence and fine amount awarded by courts.

The details will be linked to the sites of offices of the DIG of Police and Inspector General of Police besides the State Crime Records Bureau. It will be linked to the parent server in Elcot, Chennai and also the server of the NIIT in Pune.

The purpose of compiling the details of the cases and uploading them to these servers is to facilitate police officials across the State to access details of a given case at any given time.

“An investigating officer will be able to access details about a wanted person or an accused instantly, and thereby track the culprits immediately,” says R. Tamil Chandran, Superintendent of Police, Pudukottai.

Adequate training had already been given to the police constables of every station to register the details of cases. The work would be completed by the end of December.

Meanwhile, work on recording the details of cases registered between January 2012 and March 2013 would be completed in the second leg of the CCTNS, says Rajendran, Inspector of Police, District Crime Branch, who has been monitoring the progress of the work. “Police officials will hereafter access the details of culprits anywhere in the State,” he says. It would also help ascertain the progress of a particular case and would help compile details such as detection and recovery rate.

V. Geetha, Deputy Superintendent of Police, inaugurated the work on inauguration of the CCTNS here on Wednesday.