Late start of teaching-learning process in schools caused by the ‘Samacheer Kalvi' imbroglio is having its effect on the academic schedule.

The mid-term tests had to be skipped and the portions for the quarterly examinations that are slated for start on September 22 have been reduced to a large extent, much to the relief of students and teachers. The schools have been apprised of the pattern of examination and question paper models.

Parents, on the other hand, have a strong reason to feel disappointed. Parents are pensive since two months of productive time went waste due to the legal tangle that ‘Samacheer Kalvi' had gone into. Nevertheless, they can take heart from the school education department's decision to increase the number of working days. The department has decided to reduce the duration of quarterly vacation and make two Saturdays in a month as working days. Instead of ten days, the quarterly vacation has been halved to five days, Chief Educational Officer T. Mohana Kumar said.

However, the duration of half-yearly vacation will not be disturbed. Matriculation schools will also have to comply with this schedule, he said.

Indications are that the remaining Saturdays will be utilised to impart in-service training to teachers. As such, there is no cause for botheration in the teaching-learning process. Yet, the in-service trainings will stand the teachers in good stead to perform their tasks with more confidence and competence. The department was awaiting a communication from the Government on in-service training, Mr. Mohana Kumar said.

According to headmasters, teachers of tenth standard students are racing against time to complete the portions.

The teachers, they say, have some cause for comfort as they will have more time owing to increase in the number of working days.

Official sources confirm that the examinations will be postponed by about ten days. Instead of the last week of March, the public examinations will start during the second week of April 2012.