Motorists travelling on the Kollidakarai Road, along the Coleroon River bank in Srirangam, have been experiencing a torrid time in the absence of approach roads to a subway built to replace a manned railway level crossing.

The approach roads are yet to be laid several months after the limited use subway was built, close to the existing railway level crossing. Worse still, the approach roads to the level crossing on both directions have also been reduced to a pathetic condition adding to the woes of motorists. Either way, motorists have to endure bumpy rides.

The railway gate that was supposed to have been closed once the subway was built continues to remain in operation. “The very purpose of building the subway seems to have been defeated. We have been facing much hardship over the past eight to nine months as we have no other option but to go via the subway when the railway gate is closed. In the absence of street lights, the subway in the secluded spot has become a haunt of anti-socials,” rues a senior government officer residing at Srirangam.

Several residents also question the design and location of the subway. For, the subway has been built several feet below the road referred to as Panchakarai or Kollidakarai Road, leaving it flooded even after a slight shower. In the absence of proper approach roads, the kutcha road turns into a slush pool.

Residents are also sore that the problem has resulted in the underutilisation of this otherwise pucca road, which could serve as an ideal alternative route for tourists visiting Srirangam by cars and vans. The road, branching off from the Thiruvanaikoval Trunk Road near the Coleroon police checkpost, directly leads to the rear of the Srirangam Ranganathaswamy Temple. Many devotees also use the road to reach the Coleroon to take a dip in the river. By diverting tourists vehicles along this road, the congestion in Srirangam could be reduced to a great extent, says R.Ganesan, a resident.

M.Sekaran, president, Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations, while emphasising the need for rectifying the situation said the federation has represented the matter to the District Road Safety Council.