Men in uniform are making good use of the shade under the TVS Tollgate flyover.

The TVS Toll Gate junction in the city has of late become a temporary police camp, thanks to the continuous agitations of college students on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue.

This junction has become a beehive of activities of the students, thanks to the presence of a number of colleges, including the Government Law College, the students of which were spearheading the agitation. It was on March 13 that the students of the law college first launched their agitation. The presence of heavy posse of policemen at TVS Tollgate Junction that prevented the situation going out of control.

From then on, policemen and police vehicles are posted at this junction dawn to dusk.

The vacant spacious space beneath the flyover of the four-lane Chennai-Madurai national highway, has come in handy for the policemen to assemble, park their vehicles, and discuss the modalities to be adopted to tackle the students. Temporary chairs and tables too have been put here for the police to do their paper work and relax.

This temporary arrangement for the past 25 days has gone down well in checking any untoward incident even during the surcharged atmosphere with overenthusiastic students time and again trying to “exceed” their limits.

The presence of police in good number at this important junction helped in creating confidence among the other road users.

This arrangement worked out well in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic without any hitch on the service roads, and on Pudukottai highway. The city police should not dispense with this arrangement for the time being and should continue the same. The police could try having a permanent post at this junction, says Kesavan, a senior citizen of Mannarpuram area.