Every dropout accounted for a particular environment

The School Education Department has taken up several steps for enrolling dropouts to schools, based on a child-specific strategy.

Each and every dropout child accounted for a particular environment on social, economic, and domestic grounds.

Orphans or children with single parents are among the victims, said M.K.C. Subashini, Chief Educational Officer, Sarva Siksha Abhiyan.

Ms. Subashini was speaking to The Hindu on the sidelines of a function to mark the enrolment of 20 dropouts – nine at the municipal middle school at Sandaipettai here and 11 at the panchayat union middle school at Pudhukudi near Manamelkudi, a coastal village in the district on Thursday.

She said that 950 dropouts had been identified in the district and they were scattered throughout the district and all would be enrolled in course of time. The department would open residential school training centre for imparting special training to the dropouts in their teens.

The dropouts would be admitted into classes fitting their age wherever possible. It would be difficult for dropouts to cope with the main stream of education.

In other category, the “senior” dropouts would undergo intensive training for a year improving their academic skill so that could be brought under the normal stream of education at the end of the training.