Handwriting is an art, ensuring legibility and readability without any ambiguity. But, for a good number of students, bad handwriting has often been a major concern.

By rectifying or amending certain basic writing procedures, it is quite a simple task to develop the skills needed for a good handwriting. With this objective, a special 25-day training session on handwriting is currently on at the R.C. Higher Secondary School in the city.

A total of 70 students from LKG to Plus Two course, undergo the training now.

A. Jayapaul, the resource-person, says that the training aimed at infusing a sense of confidence among the students that they all could develop the skills to ensure legibility in their hand-writing.

“All the 26 alphabets in English language can be classified into five groups, for easy understanding. Each group has specific commonality. For instance, the letters ‘a'; ‘g' ; ‘q'; and ‘o' need slight modification. Students learn these nuances within a few days after joining the session,” he says.

He suggests that children should be encouraged to draw pictures and paint images.

Based on drawing

“Handwriting is based on the basic principles of drawing. Children, even prior to joining schools, are interested in drawing. But, most parents do not recognise their urge and interest. Drawing facilitates handwriting,” Mr. Jayapaul says.

The session concludes on May 29.