A total of 659 poll officials have been nominated for organising the elections to the primary cooperative societies in the district.

As many as 659 primary cooperative societies – 272 societies under the control of registrar of cooperative societies and 387 under the control of functional registrars – will go to polls in the district in four phases.

The State cooperative election commission has already announced the poll schedule, a press release of G.Rajendraprasad, regional joint registrar of cooperative societies and district election observer, issued here on Wednesday said.

The State election commission has appointed three cooperative officials for holding the elections to the societies under the control of registrar of cooperative societies and eight officials for the societies under the functional registrars in the district.

The district-level officials have already started nominating officials for the holding of polls in the societies.

The 272 cooperative societies under the registrar of cooperative societies – Tiruchi 144 societies, Musiri 75, and Lalgudi 53 – accounted for 6.41 lakh members. A total of 272 officials have been nominated as poll officials for these societies.

The arrangements for the elections for the 305 milk cooperative societies, 27 housing cooperative societies, seven industrial cooperative societies, 22 handloom cooperative societies, 13 khadi and village industries societies, seven fishermen societies, four women societies, and two agricultural engineering societies are being done by the respective functional registrars. These societies accounted for more than one lakh members.

Three-phase training has been completed for poll officials.

The first-phase of the poll schedule will come to an end on April 16, the second phase on April 23, the third phase on April 30, and the fourth and final phase on May 6.