526 for village panchayat wards and 40 for village presidents

As many as 573 nominations were received for the local body elections in Tiruchi district on Friday, the second day of filing of nominations. A majority of the nominations, accounting for 526, were for village panchayat wards. Forty nominations were received for village panchayat presidents.

Three nominations each were received for panchayat union wards and town panchayat wards. One nomination was received for a municipal ward.


Under the rotation of reservation, 1798 of the 3,408 village panchayat wards fall under the general category; 892 will be general (women); 453 reserved for Scheduled Caste (general); 237 SC (women); 20 ST (general) and 8 ST (women).

Among the 404 village panchayat presidents posts, 212 are in general category; 103 general (women); 51 SC (general); 35 SC (women); two ST (general) and one ST (women).

Of the 241 panchayat union wards, 127 fall in the general category; 63 in general (women); 27 SC (general); 22 SC (women) and two ST (general).

Among the 24 district panchayat wards, 13 are in the general category; six general (women); three SC (general) and two SC (women).

Of the 16 Town Panchayat president posts, five are in general category; six general (women); three SC (general) and two SC (women).

Among the 252 town panchayat wards, 142 are in general; 65 general (women); 25 SC (general); 19 SC (women) and one ST (women).

The Thuvakudi and Thuraiyur Municipal chairpersons posts are in general category while the Manapparai Municipal chairperson posts falls under general (women).

Among the 72 municipal wards, 42 are in general category; 20 in general (women), six SC (general) and four SC (women).