Forest department to raise teak plantation on 200 hectares

The forest department has set a target of raising 200 hectares of teak plantations, planting 4 lakh teak saplings on agricultural lands, and raising 150 acres of bamboo groves in the district during 2013-14.

The targets are set under the State government scheme for raising teak plantations on Padugai lands, Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation and Greening Project, and National Afforestation Programme (NAP) schemes respectively.

Under the scheme for raising teak plantations on Padugai lands, a total of 100 hectares of plantations have been covered till date, said N.Sathish, district forest officer.

On September 12, Collector Jayashree Muralidharan flagged off the planting of 5,000 teak saplings in Ezhil Nagar, along the Uyyakondan canal in the city. At least 10,000 saplings have been planted under the scheme so far.

A total of 30,000 additional saplings must be planted in the district to reach the target of 40,000 saplings, according to forest officials.

Under the Tamil Nadu Biodiversity Conservation and Greening Project, the government has identified 20 project villages (cluster) this year in Tiruchi division:

Kottathur, Thinnanur, Pulivalam, Manparai, T.Pudupatty, Vannadu, Muthaiyampalayam, Venkathanur, Singalanthapuram, Sengattupatti, Poigaipatty, Pannapatty (East),Usilampatty, Suliyapatty, Chettiyapatty, Marungapuri, Yagapuram, Vengatnaickenpatty, Thathanur and Thottiyapatty

It has been proposed to plant 20,000 teak saplings in agricultural lands in each village to reach the target of 4 lakh saplings, said Mr.Sathish.

10 villages selected under NAP scheme in Tiruchi division (during 2011-12 and 2012-13) in Pachamalai and Thuraiyur areas for raising bamboo groves are: Manalodai , Moolakkadu, Sembulichanpatty, Pudur,Marudhai, Ramanathapuram, Kurichi, Kambur, Top-Sengattupatty and Kundakadi.

The groves will stand in 15 hectares of farmers’ land in each village, said Mr.Sathish.

Last year, a total of 300 hectares of bamboo groves were raised. By the end of three years, a total of 450 hectares of bamboo groves will be raised in the district, he added.