An exhibition of industrial machinery naturally conjures up images of large, metallic structures that only those engaged in running a factory or considering starting one would be remotely interested in attending. But the sheer range of equipment on display at the VJT Hall as part of ‘Yanthra Fair 2014’ here is staggering and the engineering firms that are participating in the function have on offer practical pieces of equipment that would appeal to a larger clientele.

The District Industries Centre had organised Yanthra Fair last year as well. With the State government promoting entrepreneurial spirit, such programmes are also aimed at supporting small and medium-scale industries. They offer consumers a far more diverse range of products that may not be available in markets here.

K. Shaji was one of the gleeful customers who were examining the brochure of ‘Woodpecker,’ a company dealing with industrial and agricultural equipment, even before the stall was completely set up. He said he was on the verge of going to Kochi to purchase items such as electric chainsaws, backpack brush cutters, and augers — for gardening and landscaping. It was easier to interact with company officials here and secure a better deal to purchase them, he said.

A wide array of applications were covered by just this one stall that included gasoline, kerosene, and submersible water pumps; portable power sprayers, lawn mowers, tillers, tea pluckers, high-pressure cleaning equipment, sofa and carpet cleaners, and vacuum cleaners. The contact information of regional dealers were also listed.

Crowd puller

Another stall advertised wind-driven turbine ventilators that could be used for domestic and commercial purposes. The 40-odd machinery manufacturers largely comprised firms dealing in food-processing units and flour mill equipment. Bakery machines, industrial cranes, notebook making, and printing machines, and hydraulic-operated paving-block-making machines were other equipment that drew a crowd on the first day of the exhibition.

DIC General Manager R. Ramesh Chandran said the exhibition would familiarise industrialists with the latest trends. Students from polytechnics and engineering colleges where Entrepreneurship Development Clubs are now operational were expected to attend.

The exhibition would help them develop an understanding of the practical applications of classroom learning, he added.

Tourism Minister A.P. Anilkumar inaugurated the exhibition here on Thursday. Entry is free and will remain open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. until February 2.