Irrigation Department officials on Tuesday raised objection to a work by a private party on the Amayizhanjan canal at Edathara on the Kumarapuram-KIMS road, following which the police was called in and the work stopped.

Irrigation Assistant Executive Engineer P.S. Vinod said the department was building a bridge across the canal when the work by the private party, allegedly sinking mud sacks and filling up a portion of the canal, came to its notice. The work, Mr. Vinod said, was illegal.

“As per our records, the canal has a 30-m-width there, and they were trying to fill up to 21 m of that, which is encroachment. When questioned, they said it was their scheduled property. Even if that is true, as per the provisions of the Water Conservation Act, you cannot obstruct or divert the flow of water in a water source even if it is on your scheduled property. We complained to the police and the work has been stopped. The remaining procedures, which will include calling in the Revenue Department to identify whether it is an encroachment and so on, will be taken up in due course,” he said.

The Pettah police, who were called in, said a case was yet to be registered. A police team had visited the site and stopped the work by the private party.

Recent encroachment

Mr. Vinod said an encroachment not far from Tuesday’s site was noted recently, and the Thiruvananthapuram taluk officials had been asked to demarcate the area and take action.

‘Mud sacks dumped’

The site in question at Edathara, he said, saw mud sacks being dumped in the water to fill up a portion of the canal, along with planting of banana trees.