It poured in Thiruvananthapuram, again, on Thursday, bringing life to more than just a standstill. Once again, the inability of the heart of the city to let the rainwater flow away, and the failure of those who should help the cause, was exposed. The common man struggled to wade through muddy waters that had all the filth of the city’s non-existent garbage disposal system. From Thampanoor to East Fort, the S.S. Kovil Road, and up to Attakulangara, the fury of the rain surged along the roads while the wind piled on the agony, bringing down trees and electric poles, forcing traffic to a snail’s pace, and depriving many on the streets of their shelters and livelihoods. Still, Thiruvananthapuram stands straight, spiritedly awaiting Friday’s share of woes. Photos: S. Mahinsha


Disaster in the wake of downpourMay 9, 2014