They toiled for days to get their imagination to the canvas, they chiselled for hours to get that intricate shape, and they waited long for their lens to capture that perfect shot.

Now they are ready to show off their labour of passion. Water Mark, the Degree Show- 2013 of final year students of Fine Arts College was inaugurated by K. Muraleedharan, MLA, here on Monday.

The exhibition, on till April 29, is divided into three sections - painting, sculpture and applied art.

It also includes an exhibition of photographs by the students.

The deepest passions to the very trivial things have found space in their paintings. Rajeesh, one of the students, says he got inspiration for one of his paintings from the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

His painting that he named ‘Nirvana’ has a little of everything. Right from the cruelties the earth is facing in the name of development to the depiction of Lord Padmanabhan in different forms, his painting provides food for some serious thought. He has also adopted images of Gods found in the Elephanta caves.

A few students have used their own portraits to showcase their thoughts. Some of them have found beauty in fallen leaves and intricate patterns of a cement floor.

For some, serious topics such as death were inspirational to come up with a painting.

A painting of a woman with a ‘thali’ that is mended with a safety pin and the paintings of markets and places of religion in Thiruvananthapuram are a treat. The students have employed ‘Etching’ and ‘Rock cut’ techniques in their paintings.

Wooden fishes with brass eyes, dog with metal tail, and pigs made of net and coconut shells found in the ‘sculpture section’ capture our attention.

Students have used materials such as rubber, wood, iron, plaster of Paris for their sculptures.

The applied art section advertises various innovative ideas such as a perfume by the name ‘YAKSHI’, ‘Short Circuit’- bicycles for city ways, to name a few.

The photographs exhibited were mostly taken by the students during an all-India trip. These photographs have captured the essence and beauty of the places they visited and the people they met.

The exhibition is held every year at the college by the final year students and is open to the public.


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