The Election Commission has urged voters to make sure that their names figure in the voters’ list before going to the polling booth on April 10.

The voters can approach the booth-level officer in the polling station to confirm the name in the list. The photo voters’ slip provided by the commission will help the voters to trace their name in the list at the polling booth and help save time.

On the instructions of the presiding officer, personnel in charge of the security in the polling booth will allow one, two or three persons at a time into the booth.

The first polling officer will call out the name of the voter after locating it in the voters’ list for the benefit of the polling agents. The polling officer will verify the electoral card or other document approved by the commission.

After this, the second polling officer will apply ink on the voters’ left index finger. The second polling officer will register the name of the voter in the voter register and then will provide the slip for voting which will have the serial number in the voters’ list and register.

Either the third polling officer or the presiding officer will collect the slip and allow the voter to proceed to the balloting unit of the electronic voting machine. Against each candidate's name, a red LED and a blue button is provided. The voter polls his vote by pressing the blue button against the name of his desired candidate. As soon as the button is pressed, the red LED indicator lights up and the beep sound will confirm that the vote has been casted rightly.

The presiding officer will clear the doubts, if any, of the voters on using the electronic voting machine using the parent machine with him.