Scot T. Adams, ombudsman at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), will meet at 3 p.m. on Wednesday councillors of the four wards which fall under the project area of the proposed Vizhinjam deepwater port, Vizhinjam councillor Gladys Alex has said. (The IFC is the lead transaction adviser for the project).

Ms. Alex, along with Mulloor councillor C. Omana, Kotturpuram councillor Sadanadanan Thai, and Harbour councillor Sudhir Khan had started a 24-hour hunger strike at Vizhinjam at 10 a.m. on Tuesday in protest against alleged attempts by the ‘tourism lobby’ to thwart the project.

“We had submitted our complaints to the ombudsman and the ombudsman will hear us out on Wednesday. We have no intention of letting vested interests undermine the needs of the people here,” Ms. Alex said. The 24 hour long strike began at 10 on Tuesday morning.


Vizhinjam: all-party meet soughtOctober 25, 2012