At least two persons were injured when the police fired its water cannon and swung batons to disperse more than a score of Vaikunta Swamy Dharmaparipalana Sangham (VSDP) activists who staged a violent protest in front of the Raj Bhavan on Thursday.

The protestors accused the Centre of denigrating the Nadar community in a social science text book issued to ninth standard students by the Central Board of Secondary Examination.

The VSDP cadres turned violent when the police stopped them several metres away from the Governor’s residence. They overturned the iron barricades the police had placed on the road to block access to the Raj Bhavan. The cadres threw stones at the police. The force responded first by directing jets of water at the mob.


Policemen in anti-riot gear stepped out from behind the barricades and baton-charged the activists. They detained seven VSDP men on the charge of rioting.

The police accorded the men bail from the Musuem police station.