Apex court has given nod to open vaults

Continuing with its inventorying of the underground chambers of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, here, the expert committee on the temple is scheduled to open vault C on Monday.

This follows the Supreme Court order on February 23 allowing the committee to open vaults C and D as and when necessary for the purpose of inventorying them.

The coordinator of the expert committee M.V. Nair said here on Sunday that the two advocate-commissioners tasked by the principal sub-court Thiruvananthapuram with sealing vaults A through D, had been asked to reach the temple on Monday to unseal vault C.

“Yes, the Supreme Court has given us the clearance to open the vaults. The advocate-commissioners have, however, made it clear that they would fully cooperate with us in this matter,” he said.

“Vault C has to be opened on Monday if the inventorying is to continue apace,” Mr. Nair said.

The services of the experts on gems would not be available for now. Though vaults E and F were opened for inventorying on February 20, all gold articles inside them had been documented.

Each day, the vault that is opened would be unsealed and re-sealed.

The exact procedure for this would be discussed and finalised at a meeting of the expert committee on Monday.

The representative of the Reserve Bank of India who is scheduled to attend the meeting is expected to give crucial inputs for this.

The Supreme Court order of February 23 makes it clear that the expert committee shall be fully entitled to open vaults C and D for the purpose of inventorying.

However, the removal of articles necessary for the conduct of pujas, rituals and other ceremonies, from these two vaults, shall be done with the help of advocate commissioners under the supervision of the expert committee.