‘FDI policy will benefit monopolists in India and abroad’

The United Progressive Alliance government is exceeding all limits in implementing neo-liberal policies and if the Centre fails to alter its stance, it will lead to the destruction of the nation, senior leader of the Communist Party of India A.B. Bardhan has said.

Mr. Bardhan was inaugurating a seminar on ‘New economic policies and the existence of civil service’ held as part of the ongoing fourth national conference of the All-India State Government Employees Confederation here on Saturday. The foreign direct investment policy being pursued by the government had created a situation wherein the monopolists in India and abroad could control even the government and the economy. Monopolist forces were gaining majority and clout in Parliament and State Legislatures. The masses could not remain mute spectators to a system in which the affluent minority controlled the nation and the government, Mr. Bardhan said. AITUC leader Kanam Rajendran; A. Sampath, MP; confederation president M.L. Sehgal, finance secretary C.R. Jose and the former MLA R. Latha Devi spoke. Confederation general secretary K. Balasubramanian welcomed the gathering and K.S. Saji Kumar proposed a vote of thanks.