UDF convener P.P. Thankachan on Thursday said the government was determined to politically confront the LDF that had called for an indefinite blockade of the Secretariat from Monday demanding Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s resignation in connection with the solar scam.

In a statement here, Mr. Thankachan said the LDF had called for undemocratic methods of agitation because it had a political agenda and wanted to create new martyrs. The stir, which came at a time when the State was reeling under the havoc caused by the monsoon rain and there was an urgent need to provide relief to the affected people, was unwarranted.

Attempts to create hurdles in the way of relief measures were unacceptable since all political parties had the responsibility to support the government’s efforts to ensure that the relief reached the victims.

The LDF had been conducting a series of agitations for the past few months intended to destabilise a democratically elected government through the use of force and threats, he said. It was significant that the Secretariat blockade was being organised demanding the Chief Minister’s resignation on an issue that had not caused any financial loss to the State exchequer.