The Attingal police on Friday recorded the statements of neighbours and other local people in connection with the murder of Omana and her granddaughter Swasthika at Alamcode near Attingal on Wednesday.

M. Anilkumar, Circle Inspector, Attingal, said the statements recorded on Friday included those of people who had seen the first accused Nino Mathew walking away from the house after the murder and others who could throw any light on the incident. The police would move the court on Saturday for custody of the accused, Nino and Anu Santhi.

The application would be filed before the Judicial First Class Magistrate, Varkala, who was in charge of Attingal now.

The duo would then be taken to Alamcode for further collection of evidence.

Weapon verification

Laptops, mobile phones, and other items collected from the houses of the accused were handed over to the cyber wing for inspection, Mr. Anilkumar said.

The police on Friday had also summoned sports goods dealers to verify one of the weapons allegedly used by Nino for the crime.

What was initially stated to be a portion of a sawn-off golf club was identified as a sawn-off baseball bat, he said.