Better amenities for 100-odd families living in the hamlets

The district panchayat has set in motion the process to adopt the tribal hamlets of Thachrukala, Kallankudi, and Chembankunnu in Vithura grama panchayat.

Under this, the 100-odd families residing at these settlements will be provided housing, better civic amenities, and improved health and education needs. A sum of Rs.1 crore had been set aside during current financial year for the comprehensive development of the tribal settlements.

Secretary of the district panchayat Chandrasekhar told The Hindu that these hamlets lacked proper roads, electricity, health care facility and schools. As many as 40 families living in huts made of bamboos did not have sanitation facilities, he said.

“As per a directive of the government, we have decided to adopt the settlements. The plan is to develop the settlement in three years. A sum of Rs.1 crore has been earmarked from the tribal sub-plan fund during the current year.

“We are in the process of finalising a contractor for the construction of a bridge at Thalathuthikavau. Steps are also being taken to construct concrete houses for the people, each at a cost of Rs 2.5 lakh,” he said.

At present, there is only a lower primary school in the vicinity of the settlement and this had led many children to drop out after the first few years of schooling. To address the issue, the panchayat had passed a resolution urging the government to upgrade the Lower Primary school. When this is done, necessary infrastructure facility would be provided in the school, the secretary said.

A survey would be conducted to identify the health problems of the people settled in the hamlets and according to their requirements, programmes would be rolled out under the National Rural Health Mission. The panchayat also plans to conduct a cancer detection camp in the three villages very shortly, he added.