Every weekend, a small group of IT professionals from the software development unit of Infosys here makes its way to an animal shelter at Malayinkeezh on the city outskirts. There, they assist the caretakers in tending to the puppies and kittens and cleaning up their cages.

“For us, it is quality time”, say test engineer Swati Somakumar and technology analyst Srija Sukumaran whose passion for animals ensures that they turn up at the shelter regularly. “The puppies recognise me and wag their tails”, says Ms.Sukumaran. Run by the NGO People For Animals (PFA), the shelter houses abandoned, injured or diseased dogs and kittens and nurses them back to health.

Raksha, an animal welfare club formed by employees at the Infosys campus in 2011, is now joining hands with PFA and Street Dog Watch (SDW), another NGO, to organise an adoption drive for the animals at the shelter. With about 100 IT professionals as its members, Raksha has been involved in animal rescue.

The club has already rescued 100 animals in distress. “Most of them were found abandoned on the streets,” says Ms. Somakumar.

“We post details of the animals on Facebook so that willing families can come forward to adopt them,” says Ms. Sukumaran.

The adoption drive will be held at the Kanakakunnu Palace grounds on June 2. The programmes include a puppet show, free veterinary service, and a session on raising puppies. To contact Raksha, dial 9544923030.