They waited with bated breath, their eyes riveted on the bag as Vava Suresh effortlessly pulled out a snake from it. There was spontaneous cheer when he held the reptile in his hand and handled it like a pet. The children screamed in excitement seeing the hooded snake at arm’s length.

The programme was a part of ‘Summer School,’ organised by the State Central Library. Vava Suresh, who brought along with him a few snakes from his collection, explained to the children the various characteristics of snakes and stressed that snakes did not pose any danger to humans.

Like every other animal, they strike when they come under attack. His collection includes king cobras, pythons and vipers.

Vava Suresh has rescued around 150 snakes and has survived 262 snake bites. He said snakes were not perilous creatures as many think. He despises false notions concerning snakes such as snakes can see, hear, smell and are revengeful.

The young participants said the programme was the best in the camp so far and what captivated the crowd more was the hilarious comments made by Vava Suresh on the general superstitions surrounding snakes. He demonstrates his daring act to the children.