When launched way back in 1990, Technopark was seen as nothing more than a set of office spaces to house information technology companies. It was still a niche area, and the technology boom was a few years away.

But the economic and societal changes in the ensuing two decades have transformed the park’s locality, Kazhakuttam, into a possible hub for the next phase of development of the capital city.

Technopark Phase III is a far-reaching plan laid out with this development in mind. A major component of the phase, the twin towers, has been completed, and once offices start functioning in their 10 lakh square feet built at a cost of Rs. 300 crore, Technopark will become the biggest IT park in India. M. Vasudevan, Senior Manager (Business Development) of Technopark, told The Hindu that the project was of importance to a sizeable population of Thiruvananthapuram.

“We have 45,000 employees working in the first two phases. With the commissioning of the new phase and the planned expansion of existing companies, the number would cross a lakh. For every job generated here, four indirect jobs are created outside in sectors ranging from hospitality to transport. Hence in a few years, the lives of almost everyone in the city will in someway be connected to Technopark,” Mr. Vasudevan says. Even in the middle of this massive expansion, one of the major concerns voiced by most employees in the park is that the auxiliary development has been one-dimensional, concentrating only on building flats.

“Kazhakuttam is being touted as a satellite city. But flats and automobile showrooms alone do not make a city. No development has happened on the cultural sphere, for example. All of us still depend on Thiruvananthapuram for almost everything. Also, the roads are sure to get choked once the new phase becomes active. If the government is serious about this, it has to start acting now and make a master plan for this new city,” says S. Jayakrishnan, marketing manager of a company here.


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