Huge, rotting garbage mounds are taking shape on many coastal stretches in the district.

Waste is dumped on either side of Parvathi Puthanar at Poonthura. Near Moonnatumukku Bridge, which connects Poonthura and Thiruvallam, a stinking heap is coming up.

Poonthura is almost an island with the Arabian Sea in the south and the Parvathi Puthanar in the north.

Living within area here are about 22,000 families.

The Corporation has not been collecting garbage from the houses here for two years. People from afar have also been dumping garbage here leaving the local people vulnerable to viral fever outbreaks.

Parvathi Puthanar carries hospital wastes and night soil as drains open into the water course at many places.

Children at the elementary school nearby are exposed to the stench and possible viral contagion from the rain-drenched garbage.

“The smell is intolerable. We have submitted many petitions to the Corporation, but in vain,” says Sajin, a resident.

The nearby fish market has been adding to the woes of the people. Poonthura parish priest Anto Joris says,

“The Corporation had promised to construct a multi-storey building in the market, but this has not yet come true. The authorities should see if the waste can be recycled so that this problem can be tackled.”


Kudumbasree to begin source treatment December 25, 2011