Line from Aruvikkara had burst on Saturday

Water supply is likely to remain affected in most parts of the city at least till noon on Monday after a pipe burst at Aruvikkara at 8.30 p.m. on Saturday.

The repairs are on, Kerala Water Authority (KWA) sources said.

A second leak was noticed near the point where the 1,200-mm pre-stressed concrete (PSC) pipe, carrying water from Aruvikkara to the city, had burst.

With another pipeline, laid in the late 1930s, passing adjacent to the 1,200-mm PSC pipe at the particular point, the digging and replacing of the affected portion could be done only with extreme caution so as not to disturb the other line. This had slowed down the entire work.

Both the affected portions, running a combined length of about 12 metres, were being cut and replaced with mild-steel pipes. This work could be over by early morning on Monday, while the rest of the procedures, including charging and restoration of supply to all areas in the city, might take a few more hours, S. Santosh, KWA Executive Engineer, Aruvikkara, said.

Work front

“Normal supply might be restored only around noon, or maybe even a little later, on Monday. Our efforts are to finish the work as early as possible,” he said.

The pipe-burst on Saturday, a few metres from the pumping house at Aruvikkara, was noticed quite early, which helped in preventing loss of water through the damaged portion.

Repairs had begun around midnight as well, with the hope that supply could be restored by evening on Sunday.

However, the second leak broke all such hopes and the work had been going ever since.

The areas that were affected, and will continue to be affected on Monday, included Pattom, Kesavadasapuram, Ulloor, Kudappanakunnu, Medical College region and a few areas in and around Peroorkada, to mention a few. Alternative arrangements via water tankers were made for supply to places including the Medical College Hospital on Sunday, officials said.

People in need of water could contact: 85476 38181 to arrange for tankers.