If one thought today’s children are not interested in listening to traditional folk songs, then watching them join folk singer Jayachandran Kadampanad to sing the song ‘Inivarum thalamurakku ivide vasam sadhyamo…’ would change that perception.

For the children at the ‘Summer School 2013’ at the State Central Library in the city on Thursday, it was a day to enrich themselves with folklores of the State through mesmerising ‘Nadan Patukal.’

Sure, they are aware of environmental issues through the media, but when Mr. Kadampanad reached out to them through folk songs about Mother Nature and the need to care the environment, it had a greater effect on the young minds.

“Would they promise to act now,” asked the singer and the children raised their hands, promising to do their best to care for the nature.

No organised way

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Kadampanad said that even though children were interested in learning folk songs, the State was yet to come up with an organised way to take theses rich traditions to the younger generation. “The children are willing to learn about culture and traditions. But there should be platforms and interactive sessions. Moreover, there should be a regular event to develop interest in them,” he said. Nanda Gopal, a participant, said that not everyone was ignorant about the State’s folk traditions.


“Some may not be interested in learning folk songs; but if we get opportunities like this, we would definitely love these songs like any other genre,” she said.

Abhiram and his friends pointed out that they were familiar with only a few such songs that they find in CDs. “If there is an opportunity where we can learn about these songs, we too will be aware of these traditions,” they said.

The children said they were also looking forward to the session with snake catcher Vava Suresh and the upcoming field visits to the Kerala State Science and Technology Museum and Padmanabhapuram Palace.