Rajesh Pinjani, director of the Marathi film Babu Band Bajaa, said here on Thursday that though he faced several setbacks during the making of his debut film, the result was fruitful.

The film, which won several awards including four national awards, tells the story of a band player and family residing in rural Maharashtra. “Days before we started shooting for the film, my executive producer and cinematographer quit the project. That was a major setback, yet we went ahead and here we are shuttling film festival circuits,” he said.

Mr. Pinjani said he had no formal education in film-making and worked his way into feature film-making after doing some documentaries. “The grammar of cinema was unknown to me when I started off with this project. It was during my travels to rural India, as part of documentary making, that I came up with the idea for Babu Band Bajaa,” Mr. Pinjani said.

Co-director of Competition Section film Dreams of Elibidi Nick Reding and Shalini Usha Nair, director of Malayalam film Akam were also present at the Meet-the-Press. Ms. Shalini said her film, based on Malayattoor Ramakrishnan's Yakshi, was a contemporary take on the novel.

“Although the basic premise of the film is like that of the novel, the concerns aired in the film are different. Through this film I have tried to find out if the concept of Yakshi is relevant in the modern world. It is basically about the effect of the breakdown of communication in a new-age relationship,” she said.