It could be termed an Indo-Swedish collaboration, but one that is not between the governments of the two countries. A start-up company based in the Scandinavian country has joined hands with a group of budding engineers from Kerala to develop a mobile application.

Five students of Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakulam, have been entrusted with the task of programming a cross-platform mobile application.

The application will be one among those that will be used in ‘Academy-platform’ being developed by the start-up, Scallion Futura Group Global.

The platform is intended to simplify the academic database of students of the Karlstad University, Karlstad in Sweden. According to John Paul, project manager of the group, the uniqueness of the platform is the Students’ Digital ID provided with their membership profile and the innovative add-on services that brings various aspects of teaching and learning in a single platform. While the platform, which is in its initial phase, is developed by students in Sweden, an application titled ‘MindMap’ will be developed by the engineering students in Kerala.

Vishnu Sankar, a second-year student of Computer Science at the Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology and the leader of the group developing the application, says the product is intended to facilitate sharing of notes and other files that would ensure close cooperation between the students of an institution. “It would lead to greater communication among students and teachers. It would be possible to share various types of files including audio, images and documents through the application. A highlight of the application is that it will function in all mobile platforms,” he said. Final year engineering students, Sachin Krishna, Josemon Malliakal, Anand Gopinath and Dino Babu will be joining him in the project.

A brilliant programmer since his school days, Sankar has developed several applications and had been recently selected as one of the developers of the Windows 8 operating system.