The city police on Monday questioned the Principal of a private school in connection with the suspected suicide of a ninth standard student.

The student had committed suicide last week, a day after the Principal had hauled him up on the charge of sending an unsolicited e-mail to a girl studying in the same school.

Investigators said they have sought the help of State police cyber forensic experts to identify whether the unwelcome e-mails received by the girl were sent by the boy or some other mischief maker.

The chain of events that concluded in the suspected suicide of the boy commenced early last week when the girl, after consulting her parents, gave a written complaint to the Principal stating that the boy was sending her e-mails requesting her love.

In her letter to the Principal, the girl stated that she had received several e-mails from the boy over a period of several months and the she found them “irritating and disturbing.” She said she was “too scared to read or respond” to the mails and her mother used to delete the communications at her behest.

She told the Principal that the boy had recently created a new e-mail identity with her name tagged along with his. This upset her to no end. He used the new mail identity to send her several more mails.

In her complaint, the girl told the Principal that she was at her wit's end and he urgently “do something about this.”

The Principal told the police that he had summoned the boy, his mother, and grandmother to the school.

According to his statement, the boy denied that he had sent the mails. He said the e-mail IDs from which the girl received the mails were not created or operated by him.

The Principal told the boy that he would be constrained to send the matter to the committee constituted to look into such issues, given the gravity of the girl's complaint.

He told the police that he was “calm and composed” to the boy and the entire conversation had taken place in front of the boy's guardians.

Subsequently, the boy was found dead hanging in his room on Friday. His mother and uncle approached the local police, accusing the Principal of abetting the boy's suicide. They accused the school authorities of treating their ward like a common criminal and with a prejudiced eye.

The police said they had registered a case of unnatural death in connection with the boy's death. They had also taken cognisance of the complaint filed by the boy's guardians but no First Information Report had been registered in this connection.

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