The corps of student-police has stepped in to make shopping a hassle-free affair for last-minute Onam purchases. Clad in khaki uniforms with a navy blue cap, the members of the student-police are enforcing traffic regulations and handling the situation with ease.

“This is an experience that I will never forget. The drivers listen to our directions and we are glad that we can lend a helping hand to the police,” said S. Lakshmi, a student-police deployed near Gandhi Park to regulate traffic and assist the pedestrians. Asked whether she missed being at home and enjoying Onam celebrations, the student of Government School, Manacaud, is quick to add that this duty is indeed a “Onam celebration” as she is having “a lot of fun”.

Student Police Cadet (SPC) is a community policing initiative jointly implemented by the Department of Education and Kerala Police. As many as 56 girl student-police cadets have been deployed in the city to monitor Onam celebrations at various traffic points for the last two days.

These student-police efficiently manage traffic and provide a safer environment for women,” said M. Radhakrishnan Nair, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fort Sub division.

They were given training in traffic regulations and hand signals at a three-day camp held at the Government Manacaud Girls High School. The training covered classes on drug abuse and safety for women.

Aishwarya. N. Nair deployed at the Aid-post was found urging pedestrians to quickly move towards the bus stop to avoid traffic snarls as the senior staff watched and gave her directions. According to her, the experience of managing traffic near her school premises has helped her to carry out her duty well. “We also received support from our seniors and women police civil officers,” she added.

“The SPC squad is young and energetic. Many people have been careful to follow the traffic rules seeing their enthusiasm. Their support is highly helpful to us in festive days when there is heavy traffic in the city,” says Biju Lal, a traffic police personnel stationed at the KiIlipalam Junction. “I am a SPC. So I should not be afraid,” adds Lakshmi as she bravely walks to the middle of the road, signals motorists to stop and waves to the the people at the zebra cross to cross the road.

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