Intensive preventive and control measures are being adopted in the district to check the spread of H1N1 and mosquito-borne diseases, the District Medical Officer (DMO) has said.

Tamiflu, the medicine used for the treatment of H1N1, had been made available in all health facilities. Those who developed symptoms of influenza, like fever or cold, should seek appropriate treatment and take steps to ensure that they stayed at home so that the infection does not spread to others. Pregnant women should consult a doctor if they developed any fever or other flu symptoms.

On a directive from the Health Minister, medical camps and awareness programmes were organised in the Peringammala and Ponmudi areas. The district medical administration had held a meeting with the local people and people's representatives in the Pallithura, Kottappuram areas, near Vizhinjam, on Tuesday to discuss how vector density could be reduced. Steps had been taken to provide the service of additional doctors at Pulluvila.