Ever since the garbage disposal crisis gripped the city with the closing of Vilappilsala solid waste treatment plant, there has been a steady flow of waste management technology service providers at Corporation office, offering different options for garbage treatment.

On Thursday JMS Biotech, a Mysore based organic waste treatment company organised a demonstration of their bio-solution for treatment of solid waste in the city. A team comprising of representatives of JMS Biotech, product dealers Oleena Mahila Samajam, Kozhikode, and Corporation officials, visited three markets in the city, at Peroorkada, Chalai and Manacaud, to demonstrate the use and working of the solution.

According the managing director of JMS Biotech, K. Madhusoodhan, the Organic Solution (OS) 1 Dormant Microbial Solution developed by the company works on organic waste by setting off a composting process, without producing any kind of odour or hazardous by-product.

"This is a pro-biotic solution comprising of 80 different strains of bacteria. Within 15 minutes of spraying this solution on putrefying garbage, the foul smell will stop emanating from the garbage. Then within 35 to 45 days the garbage is converted into very good compost having a high NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium) rate of 2.5,’’ said Mr Madhusoodhan.

"The bacteria in the liquid breaks down the organic waste molecules without releasing any gases. Since the solution also works in both aerobic and anaerobic condition you can spray the liquid on the garbage heap as such without turning or agitating it,’’ Mr Madhusoodhan said.

Before spraying on the garbage the solution is mixed with water, in a ratio of five litres of water for one litres of OS 1. This is then added with 100 grams of jaggery. Twenty five litres of diluted OS 1 is required for treating one tonne of garbage. The solution can also be used for treating sewerage.

"Since this solution does not react with plastic and other non-biodegradable waste there is no harm in using it in un-segregated garbage. But if you use it on segregated organic garbage the quality of compost that you get at the end will be much better,’’ Mr Madhusoodhan.

P. Sujatha, chairperson of Oleena Mahila Samajam, Kozhikode, which is marketing the product in Kerala, said that the product is being successfully used for treating municipal waste in many municipalities in Karnataka, including Mysore, Uduppi and Gulbarga.

"We could not meet the city mayor here today as she was out of station. We have demonstrated the technology and if the Corporation is interested we are willing to collaborate with them,’’ Ms Sujatha said.

Corporation health standing committee chairperson S. Pushpalatha said that the technology demonstrated by JMS Biotech can be an option for treating piled up waste in the city.